Teams webhook for to keep your team up-to-date about new feedback and rewards. If you install this app on your workspace we can send notifications about:
  • Every time a feedback is given to someone
  • On Fridays to remind people to give feedback continuously

The webhook for Teams is simple to set up
  • Create your account, or Sign In if you already have one.
  • Open your Teams and select channel: Click on the three dots menu and choose Connectors .
  • Search for the Incoming Webhook connector and click on the Add button
  • Give a name for your connector and click the Create button. Optionally you can upload a custom image or avatar for your webhook.
  • You'll get and url copy to your clipboard with the button
  • Go to your Team settings in, paste your webhook url in the Teams section and click the Save button

💥 That's it! Now, your co-workers will be notified of all important company happenings