Slack integration for to keep your team up-to-date about new feedback and rewards. If you install this app on your workspace we can send notifications about:
  • Every time a feedback is given to someone
  • On Fridays to remind people to give feedback continuously
Also you can give feedback directly from Slack with command /motivac Your and Slack account will connect by your e-mail address.

The app for Slack is simple to set up
  • Create your account, or Sign In if you already have one.
  • Once you're signed in, click the Add Slack Integration button on the Team / Integrations screen.
  • The integration page will open - click the Add to Slack button you see at the bottom.
  • Choose the #channel you'd like to integrate with and hit that Authorize button!
💥 Dirrr! That's it! Check the Slack #channel you chose for confirmation.

Now, your co-workers can give feedback on the Slack #channel and be notified of all important company happenings

How to give feedback from Slack:

  • Type /motivac command into any message input field
  • Press Enter
  • You can give your feedback on the modal