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Get the most out of your team by establishing feedback culture



Make peer-to-peer feedback effortless & visible

No more boring and long 360 degree feedback. Give instant feedback to your co-workers and don't let the details be forgotten. Feedback is visible to everyone in team, so you can join other people's feedback.



Stay up to date

The whole team stays up to date with Slack integration so you don't even have to log in to another application. In addition, you will receive email summaries of your feedback so you don't miss out on anything.



Enhance your company value

Set up your own company values you want to bolster. If you have not yet developed a corporate value system, use ours. We have shaped the AWESOME value system with careful research to work in the modern employer market



Increase performance by creating a healthy competiton

Healthy competition is always good for the team. The winner of the monthly competition will be the pride of the month and will receive the recognition it deserves for its day-to-day work.



Increase your team's motivation by providing them with rewards

At the end of the month, points earned during the month can be awarded for gifts. Reward your team with small gifts to let them know that their continuous efforts are important.



Identify top talents and key players in your team

Learn the intent behind the feedback and recognize the key people on your team who are taking the team forward. Find important human relationships!

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Frequently asked questions

TLDR: No! Heaven forbid! is an additional tool for teams where you already have a strong corporate culture, but if you haven't worked on it yet, it will help you create it.
Currently we have only a web application so you can use it on desktop browsers.
Android and iOS native apps will be available in 2022 spring.
Integrations allow you to give feedback directly from your favorite instant messenger.
Slack integration is already accessible, Discord and Microsoft Teams integration will be available in 2022 spring.

No, of course, not 🙃
The purpose of is to enhance team spirit and motivate the team through positive feedback. It is not designed for addressing bad performance. We believe that the feedback of performance problems is important, but it has to be done face to face in private
The system is completely transparent to every team member: they can see each other's feedback at any time. According to our experience, this transparency organically prevents any kind of misuse, as fictitious performance feedback always become visible.
Anything that is valuable for the team and for the company. Team members should come to a common understanding about the meaning of the main performance categories and use them accordingly. This is a learning process, starting with the introduction training for the managers, and going on with the first few monthly meetings where team members discuss the feedback given in that month.